Friday, 24 October 2014

Author Spotlight Week: Gift Wrapped Excerpt by Karla Doyle

Today I have one final treat for you to celebrate the end of our inaugural Author Spotlight Week featuring the fabulous Karla Doyle! We have a final sneak peek from Karla’s upcoming book, Gift Wrapped. Gift Wrapped releases 15 November 2014 and after reading all the sneak peeks I cannot wait to get my hands on it!

An Excerpt from Gift Wrapped, Chapter One

She wiped clammy palms on her skirt and joined her handsome, last-minute shopper by a rack of hoodies and yoga pants. “Tell me what you had in mind and hopefully I can send you out of here with a smile on your face.”
From the creases forming at the corners of his eyes, the words sounded as sexually suggestive to him as they did to her ears. Oh the awesomeness that flew out of her mouth sometimes.
“I think you can count on that happening…” His mischievous hazel eyes dropped to her nametag, then back. “Manager Brinn.”
Top salesperson in her district for the past nine months, yet hearing her name in his deep, smooth voice left her without a single intelligent thing to say.
The whole situation was crazy. Letting her assistant manager leave early, even though it meant closing and tackling the sale prep alone. Inviting a hot guy—who appeared to be unattached—into the store afterhours.
Maybe it wasn’t crazy. Maybe it was one of those fated situations. Or maybe she needed a semi-nutritious meal and a day off really, really badly.
As casually as anything, he unzipped his coat and scrubbed one hand along his clean-shaven jaw. He smiled. Just a little one, but it warmed her all over. The man made no bones about checking her out. Top to bottom, not lingering over any one area, though his slow perusal indicated he appreciated the view.
Thank god she’d opted for her business-sexy look today, rather than slumming it in the comfier clothes the store sold. The short black skirt, sheer hose and strappy heels made her legs look long and lean, despite her shorter stature. The crossover top’s plunging neckline accented her cleavage. With her hair in an upsweep, she almost pulled off elegant—or she had nine hours ago, when everything was fresh.
As much as she’d love thirty seconds in front of a mirror with lipstick and a piece of dental floss, the clock was ticking. Security guards would be banging on her door at six o’clock, telling her to clear out, no exceptions. Because after all, who in their right mind would want to stay late at work on Christmas Eve? Only someone with no personal life whatsoever would sign up for that.
She pushed the self-pitying thought aside and reclaimed her voice. “Better start shopping, you’re running down the clock.” For show, she tapped her watch. “Santa’s on his way. I need to get home to my bed so he’ll sneak in and fill my stocking.”
Her private shopper laughed and winked. “Santa has all the luck.”
There are currently no pre-order links but there are a bunch of ways you can keep up to date on news about Gift Wrapped and Karla Doyle's other upcoming work below: 

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