Sunday, 30 November 2014

Exciting News + The Book Den's Facebook Group

Hello Lovely Readers!
This is just a quick post to let you know about some new changes I’ve made to the blog, and some of the upcoming exciting things that will be happening over the next few weeks and months. 

Facebook Group:
We’ve been having some glitches with the contact pages and the blog layout itself is reasonably restrictive in terms of what you can post. So that I am able to make the blog as exciting, engaging and interactive as possible, I’ve created a private Facebook group just for you! 

This is where we’ll hold competitions and giveaways and it’s also the best way for you to contact me if you have any questions or suggestions. I’m very open to constructive criticism so if there are any problems with the blog, or if you have any suggestions on how to improve it, please don’t hesitate to get in touch. I’m also open to hearing from readers, authors and publishers regarding books that they would like to have reviewed (this is something I’ll talk about a little more below). Please understand that I’m open to reading all kinds of books, but I will always post an honest, but polite, review. While you’re able to contact me directly, you should also still feel free to comment on the blog posts whenever you like, just remember to keep it civil!

You can find the group here  or by searching "The Book Den: Book Reviews" on Facebook. 

Each month I’ll add up different posts specific to the blog, but this group is for you so feel free to add content that you find enjoyable and exciting. There are only two rules: 
Rule 1: keep things civil and polite. Rudeness, bullying and bad behaviour will not be tolerated.  
Rule 2: try to keep posts related to romance/erotica/fiction type areas. Feel free to post photos, especially of real-life people you think would fit characters from your favourite books, snippets , suggestions for books you’d like to be reviewed or posts about books you’ve read and loved. Join in, add your friends, be creative and have fun! 

New and Exciting Things!
Now for the new and exciting things! I’m planning to make a couple of exciting changes to the content of the blog, to make it a little more dynamic and interesting. You can read a little more about those changes below, and feedback is always welcome! 

Author Spotlight Week
I had a great time with the Inaugural Author Spotlight Week here on the blog and had some great feedback from it too. I hope you all enjoyed it as much as I did. I plan to do an Author Spotlight Week about once a month and I want to make it as exciting and fun as possible. To that end, I would love to select the author from a list of authors suggested by readers. Of course, if an author would like to be chosen they’re more than welcome to nominate themselves too (or publishers are welcome to nominate authors as well).
I want to keep these posts fun and dynamic, so I’ll be doing reviews of their work, maybe cover reveals or snippets, interviews if the authors wish to do that and giveaways. Suggestions on how to make these posts exciting and interest are very welcome! Author Spotlight Week will be run jointly between the blog and the Facebook group. 

Reader Appreciation
We’re a very small blog but our page views grow a little each week. I love the support the blog has received and I hope that people love reading it as much as I love writing it! To show my appreciation for readers, I’ll be putting up one post a month that will stay open the entire month, where readers can post book suggestions, mini-reviews, post photos of sexy book-boyfriends or favourite snippets from books or even ask for book requests. You can post sound-tracks for books or really anything you like that it is related to the wonderful world of books! This post is all about you; the only requirement is that it stay civil and fun. Fighting or rude comments won’t be tolerated. Each month one commenter will win a surprise giveaway! Readers of all kinds (authors, publishers too!) are welcome to post comments, but publishers won’t be eligible for the giveaway.

Book Review Suggestions
I’ve been reviewing books for most of my adult life. I found that, particularly on purchasing website, the atmosphere can be a little toxic for reviewers which is one of the many reasons I started this blog. One of the other major reasons I started this blog is to introduce new readers to fabulous books and authors. I have a selection of authors I LOVE to read and I’m certainly attracted to certain styles of writing. I don’t want this blog to become stagnant or boring, so I would love it if readers (or authors, or publishers) would suggest new books and authors to read and review. That way, you’ll get snippets from authors you know and love, but you’ll also get a peek at a much more exciting range of books and authors. 

Guest Posts
I read every day and I would love to be putting out book reviews every single day too! But I’m a full time student and, especially around peak-assessment times, I don’t always have time to post regularly. I want this blog to stay as consistent as possible, so that fresh material is added regularly, so if you have a book review or something relevant that you’d like to post please feel free to contact me so that we can have a chat about it. I’m completely open to hearing from other reviewers (professional or not), readers or authors.
So that’s all from me today. Thank you for stopping by and reading and if you have any suggestions, questions or feedback please don’t hesitate to contact me! 

Best Wishes,

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