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Officer Off Limits by Tessa Bailey

Favourite Quote: "“I don’t feel like you’re grasping the urgency
behind my karaoke idea.”(Page 76) “Karaoke.” Jack cringed. “What a godawful
pastime." Story laughed, glad the mood had shifted back to normal. “See, right now in the light of day, I can agree with you. But last night after a few drinks, it
represented immortality.”"(Page 122). 

Notes: I received an ARC of Officer Off Limits from Tessa Bailey with the request to write an honest review on my blog and Amazon. However, I have also ordered a copy of the book (it was just that good!). 

Officer Off Limits is the third book in Tessa Bailey’s A Line of Duty series and features the sweetly naughty Story Brooks and the erotic playboy Daniel Chase. 

Now, I’ve made no secret of the fact that I am ridiculously in love with Tessa Bailey’s books. They’re sinfully erotic, extremely well paced with realistic and engaging plots and each of the characters has a voice and style of dialogue that is completely unique to each specific character. Officer off limits had all of those same wonderful qualities, but it also stands apart from the rest of the books in the series in way that really blew my mind. Daniel Chase is big, bad and very in control in a way that is so utterly delicious; it’s amazing that my computer didn’t burst into flames. However, he’s also incredibly vulnerable and achingly sweet in a way that was so organic and natural that it just about broke my heart. I guarantee that you’ll not only fall in love with Daniel for his totally badass moves in the bedroom (and other places…I won’t ruin the surprise) but also for his obviously huge and wounded heart. 

So, on with the review! Story Brooks is a kindergarten teacher from California who flies to New York to be with her father, who is in hospital after suffering from a heart attack. She’s just been dumped by her fiancé two weeks before the wedding, but she can’t seem to muster up any real feelings about the situation. Daniel Chase is a hostage negotiator in New York and is the protégée of Story’s father. They meet by chance in the hospital but sparks fly and the attraction and tension between the two of them simmers off the pages.
The plot of Officer Off Limits flows extremely well, but is much more in-depth than Tessa’s earlier books. There are a lot of key plot points that are established early on that seem inconsequential, but later, become a large part of the overarching story which was really terrific! It’s realistic and fast paced, and each of the subplots felt organic and really helped to build up the very natural flow of the book.  

The characters in Officer Off Limits are so rich, so inviting that you honestly feel like you’re in their world, experiencing the highs and lows of trying to get to know a deliciously sexy alpha male! As always, the background characters are a huge part of the story which lends realism to the plot that many other books are lacking. I absolutely adored Story’s best friend Hayden and the sisterhood solidarity in this book was AWESOME!! Each of the characters showed a depth and growth throughout the book that really enables the reader to engage with the characters. The dialogue, as always, is amazing! Tessa has a fabulous ability to create dialogue that has a cadence and style that is unique to each character, something that makes the characters so realistic it gives you Goosebumps!

And this time, I saved the best for last….the sex scenes. Holy moly guacamole!!! It’s like Tessa turned the heat up to super-max.  I recommend that you read this book in the presence of an extremely large glass of something yummy and icey. Trust me, you’ll need it. You may also want to stock up on batteries, because, well, again, you’ll need it! Tessa Bailey is known for writing dirty-talkin’ alpha males, but Daniel Chase takes that definition and blows it sky high. He’s erotic and dirty and mind-blowingly sexy and you wouldn’t think a kindergarten teacher would be a good fit for such a darkly erotic bad boy, but she gives just as good as she gets and as it turns out, has a penchant for being extremely naughty! There are scenes in this book that I will be dreaming about for years to come! But while they are very erotic, there are also elements of sweetness to them, with Daniel treating Story like her pleasure is his only reason for being…which is both goosebump- inducing and heart-melting.  Tessa Bailey has really outdone herself this time and she’s going to have to work very hard to top the yumminess that is the connection and chemistry between Daniel and Story. 

Officer Off Limits manages to be a multitude of things, achingly sweet, erotically sexy, passionately dirty and extremely well paced, and yet it’s cohesive and realistic in a way that only Tessa Bailey is able to accomplish. I’d recommend it to all and sundry and I’d be happy to shout it from the rooftops! 

Release Date: 10 June 2013
Rating: 5/5
Sex Scenes: Deeply Erotic, Playful and Sexily Naughty
Plot: Deep, Intriguing with Surprising Plot Points, Very Well Paced
Characters: Rich, Vibrant, Engaging and Hilarious
Dialogue: Authentic, Creative and Well Suited To Each Character

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