Tuesday, 4 June 2013

Twisted (Dark Protectors) by Rebecca Zanetti


Notes: I reviewed this book for Kensington Books via NetGalley.

Twisted is a novella (book 5.5) in Rebecca Zanetti's Dark Protector Series and features Terrent Vilks and Maggie Malone.  

Now, I'm very familiar (and a little in love) with Rebecca Zanetti's work, having read her contemporary romance books Against the Wall and Under the Covers, which I'll be reviewing on my blog shortly for Brazen Entangled Publishing. But I've never read her Dark Protector series so I was a little out of my element and in the dark when I first started reading Twisted, however, key elements of the story that had obviously been established in the earlier books were recapped and explained, so it was reasonably easy to understand the world that Rebecca has created for the Dark Protector Series. Having said that, I wouldn’t recommend reading Twisted as a standalone book.

Twisted, inspite of being a novella, has extremely well-developed characters that have a great deal of depth. It's a book about longing and finding where you truly belong and Rebecca has created her characters in a way that you can feel that longing bursting from every page. Maggie longs to remember her past, to find out where she came from and where she belongs and Terrent longs for Maggie to remember him and what they had and to find a home and family. And honestly, there is something just so sexy about a big-bad alpha like Terrent craving his mate in such a raw and emotional way. Each of the characters have a unique voice, with dialogue and attitude that is as individual as their personalities are. The plot is, given that it involves werewolves and vampires, fairly realistic and the dialogue suits it perfectly. Twisted flows well and has a depth and a dyanamic edge that really sets it apart from other novellas, and definitely from other paranormal romances.

The sex scenes as incredibly sexy, very erotic and a little dirty. But they're well developed, fit extremely well within the plot and flow beautifully with the story. It's amazing that the sex scenes appear to develop and grow as the characters do, which is not something I've ever seen in a novella. Rebecca Zanetti has created a unique, sexy masterpiece and that definitely makes me want to read the entirety of the series!

Release Date: 28 May 2013
Sex Scenes: Sexy, Dirty and Natural
Plot: Well Paced, Intriguing and Very Well Developed for a Novella
Characters: Realistic, Deep and Interesting
Dialogue: Funny and Unique to Each Character

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