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Rocky Mountain Rebel by Vivian Arend

Rocky Mountain Rebel

Favourite Quote: "A long, low rumble issued out, his chest moving slightly as he spoke. “You might not be breakable, but I already said it. This is worthwhile doing right.”"  

Rocky Mountain Rebel is Vivian Arend's fifth book from her Six Pack Ranch series, featuring the youngest of the Six Pack Ranch Clan, Joel Coleman and the falsely accused bad-girl, Vicki Hansol.

I've read the entirety of the Six Pack Ranch series and have always loved the way that Vivian Arend manages to weave a story that not only includes the trials and tribulations of the main couple in each story, but also encorporates the continuing stories of the their surrounding family. Vivian Arend's Six Pack Ranch stories are first and foremost about loyalty, trust, family and a deep love that transcends all issues and Rocky Mountain Rebel is no exception to that rule. However, it does manage to be both a deeper and sweeter story than those that proceeded it (which is saying a lot, because Rocky Mountain Haven was an achingly sweet book).

Now, don't get me wrong when I said that Rocky Mountain Rebel is sweet, it still manages to be extremely erotic and sexy. But when Joel Coleman agrees to help out Vicki Hansol (which is the main plot of the story) he goes from being the naughty bad boy we've seen in the previous books and becomes a sweet protector and friend who wants to do everything he can to be their for Vicki. Both Vicki and Joel are on a mission to prove that they are not the people that the town and their families think they are and they're doing it as a team.

Rocky Mountain Rebel was a slight departure from the other books, in that both the main protagonists are very young (around 21 years old) whereas all the other couples in the previous books were in their 30s. Vivian Arend just a really great job of encorporating youthful language that seems authentic and real, rather forced and silly. The discrimination that the couple face comes across as very realistic and authentic and I honestly felt the pain and isolation that Vicki was going through. The plot was very well paced and very easy to sink into.

Without ruining the surprise twist in the book...I will say that the sex scenes are a delight! They start of slow, but are incredibly erotic right from the start. Vicki and Joel's first kiss knocked my socks off and each added scene managed to be steamier and hotter than the last! It all seemed very natural and, though the ending was a little abrupt, it also made me a little swoony!

There were some editing issues (spelling mistakes, missing words etc) with the ebook version of Rocky Mountain rebel, but the story was so inviting that they didn't detract from Vivian Arend's ability to weave an engaging and beautiful story that kept me captivated from the first page right through to the last. And I definitely can't wait to get my hands on the next book! 

Release Date:21 May 2013
Rating: 4.5/5  
Sex Scenes: Sweet and Erotic with Slow Building Heat
Plot: Realistic and Well Paced
Characters: Realistic, Engaging and Addictive
Dialogue: Authentic and Engaging 

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