Saturday, 25 May 2013

The Care and Feeding of an Alpha Male by Jessica Clare

The Care and Feeding of an Alpha Male 

I first read the Care and Feeding of An Alpha Male by Jessica Clare in October of 2012. It's book 2 in Jessica Clare's Bluebonnet Series and it is deliciously saucy! 

I was a little concerned about the book when I started reading it. Jessica' Clares heroine, Beth Ann comes across as a little spoiled, a little bit immature. But as you get to know her, she morphs into an intelligent, caring and funny woman who just wants everyone to see her for who she really is: a strong, capable woman who knows her own mind. Colt, the hero, in the beginning, comes across as a total jerk. He's rude, inconsiderate and has a really low opinion of Beth Ann, someone he really doesn't know all that well. But as he gets to know Beth Ann, the respect, love and admiration he grows for her is obvious to see. I love how organic the shift is between Beth Ann and Colt. Though it happens quite early in the book, it doesn't seem forced and both the characters grow within the relationship over time, making what is essentially a short period of time, seem like a more realistic experience. And the sex scenes between the two...well, lets just say that you should definitely keep an ice-cold drink next to you at all times while reading this book! And possibly a fire extinguisher as well!

The other characters in the book are vivid and hillarious. The interaction and dialogue within the book is truly fantastic and really comes across as credible and realistic. The story flows well and is very well paced, which is an incredibly difficult thing to do in a romance novel.

Overall, I recommend this book for anyone who is look for a fabulous and saucy romance book, with hillarious and awesome dialogue, fantastic and realistic characters, and plenty of chemistry and smokin' sex scenes. 

Release Date: 2 October 2012
Rating: 4/5 
Sex Scenes: Saucy and Passionate
Plot: Fun and Engaging and a Little Silly
Characters: Great Chemistry, Fun and Bold
Dialogue: Fun and Well Suited to the story.

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